CITEL - Ihr Experte für Blitz- und Überspannungsschutz

Since 1937, CITEL has been protecting equipment around the world from transient overvoltages caused by switching operations and lightning strikes.

. With a deep understanding of international and national standards and regulations, as well as continuous investment in research and development, CITEL manufactures and distributes millions of protection devices every year.

CITEL develops all critical protection solutions in-house. Our teams around the world take pride in helping to provide the market with a comprehensive range of surge protection products with our unique customer-focused service and quality.

Unique, like each of our customers.

Unique, like our strategic vision, financial independence, international technical cooperation and strong individual commitment.


The CITEL product range: comprehensive and complete

. Whether standard or customised solutions, we cover all our customers' needs.

This ambition guides our daily work. We take into account the specific needs, risks and applications of local markets and provide protection for low-voltage installations, communication networks, photovoltaic systems and LED lighting.

The millions of SPDs manufactured and distributed each year are a testament to the high quality standards, consistency and product reliability for our customers and partners around the world.



The CITEL teams: committed and responsible

From technical expertise to operational deployment, we are passionate about all aspects and issues surrounding SPDs.

. Our teams are made up of engineers and SPD specialists who can bring the best insights and solutions.

The organisation of our technical staff and sales teams enables us to exchange experience worldwide, based on a distinctly high level of know-how.


CITEL's expertise: continuously advancing

CITEL is the exclusive manufacturer of components and surge arresters.

The company is a pioneer in the development of new technologies thanks to its test laboratories and its bold innovation policy.

In the industry, CITEL is considered a driving force in international standardisation and regulatory processes.


CITEL: Best-in-class service quality

Our engineers and sales staff put the the user at the centre of their concerns.

They are real advisors, offer the best product solutions and train their customers. Our teams know the language and the the markets of the countries in which they work.

Our logistics are flexible and meet all our commitments to the satisfaction of our customers. to the satisfaction of our customers.

To ensure immediate delivery, our stock has been stock has been expanded to 25% of turnover.


A European family business with a global presence

The company is managed by a family triumvirate.

The human element of the company guarantees a personnel policy that values the autonomy, responsibility and commitment of employees. The family shareholder structure ensures the group's financial and strategic stability in the management of its business.

CITEL is present in 7 countries and relies on a network of international distributors.