Founded in 1937, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipment against electrical transients. These solutions are issued from continuous efforts in research & development, on the component level (such as Gas Discharge Tube), but also on all surge protection ranges to be ahead of our customers needs. CITEL is a worldwide leader in the surge protection market. CITEL has manufacturing facilities in France and in China and has sales office located in France, Germany, USA, China and Eastern Europe.

A long history......

1937 CITEL founded. ​ Manufacture of tubular light bulbs.
1944 Manufacture of the first Surge Arrester.
1976 CITEL acquired by the present Management. ​ Light bulb manufacturing discontinued.
1985 CITEL America founded in Miami.
1988 CITEL Electronics GmbH founded in Düsseldorf.
1992 Acquisition of CLAUDE gas tube line from GTE Sylvania at Reims, and OBSTA.
1996 Establishment of Shanghaï CITEL Electronics Co., Ltd.
2000 New technology for AC surge protectors (VG series).
2005 New JV for coaxial surge protectors production CITEL Tong Da.
2010 CITEL Russia founded in Moscow
2012 CITEL India founded in New Delhi