CITEL protects your equipment from lightning! Company Goal: To protect all electronic and electric equipment from lightning strikes and electrical transients caused by lightning and switching transients and electromagnetic interferences. Over the years, four large product families have been developed in the respect of the most severe standards, requested by our customers. CITEL products are recommended by major Telecom and Industrial companies, and respect international standards. They constitute a complete range and ideal for protecting industrial sites, Telecom (i.e. Base Radio Station Equipment)

***Gas Discharge Tubes ***(GDTs)

imgare the basic passive compenents used to protect telephone exchanges and equpment from voltage surges; they are generally installed on telephone networks by telecommunication operator. This is CITEL’s base product (35% of sales). CITEL is # 2 in the worldwide market for gas tubes. The GDT is a small hi-tech component (less than 1 cm). It is the base element for protecting central telephones from transients. For a number of reasons, CITEL products, using patents are homologated by most French and international groups

***Surge Protection Devices ***(SPDs)

are units combining several protection components. The may be used by the installer or by the end customer. They are designed to be incorporated in an installation to protect all electric, electronic and data-processing equipment from transient overvoltages :

  • Telecom and Data Line surge protection:

These subassemblies can be easily used imgby the installer and the home user. They are designed to protect PBX’s (Private Branch Exchange) and all the information and electronic equipment either connected to the phone system or to the Local Area Network (LAN). In 1982, the private phone market offered society its first important opportunity of diversification. The demand, linked to the implementation of digital telecom centrals and terminals more and more fragile, is growing fast. This evolution requires the design of very effective protection systems adapted to all networks, actual and future.

  • AC surge protection:

imgCITEL DS AC power surge protection devices are designed to meet all your surge protection needs for any low voltage installation. These DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardized distribution pane or control cabinets. They are equipped with a thermal disconnection device and provide real-time fault indicators thus allowing complete operational safety. The DS series protects as well private home as industrial equipments, radio base stations and also photovoltaic system.

  • Coaxial surge protection:

To complete the range of surge protection, CITEL offers a imgdiversified line of coaxial surge protection to protect coaxial feeds and antennas. With the wide range of mobile equipments available (GSM, PCN, UMTS, BLR...), coaxial protectors are becoming more and more important and continue to evolve towards new technology such as Quarter Waves.