French headquarters...

Since 1937, the headquarters of Citel is located at Paris in the Hauts de Seine (92). Historically at Issy les Moulineaux, CITEL has implemented in recent years in Sèvres.

A balanced industrial organization..

Citel production is divided between two large sites, Reims, historic site production group, and Shanghai, more recent works, which in the beginning was mainly specialized in the manufacture of gas discharge tubes and now also manufactures our range of modular surge protection.

Global representation...

To be closer to all markets, CITEL has several subsidiaries:

  • Citel Electronics Gmbh - Bochum (Germany)
  • Citel Inc - Miramar (USA)
  • Shanghai Citel Electronics - Shanghai (China)
  • Citel India - New Delhi (India)
  • Citel Russia - Moscou (Russia)

We are also represented through many distributors worldwide.