Screw terminal for 'V' connection

KN T 1316I
Part Number 151000
KN T 1316I
  • 'V' connection screw terminal for SPD
  • Improved connection for better efficiency
  • 2 x 35 mm² wire connection
  • Adapted to DAC/DDC surge protectors

The KN T 1316I was developed to improve the wiring of DS-series SPD. This device enables an efficient and safe "V" wiring of a DS Surge Protective Device (SPD). The "V" wiring is highly recommended to avoid voltage drops and to improve the parallel connection. The KN T 1316I fits easily onto the screw terminal of the SPD and enables the correct connection of 3 conductors up to 16 mm². Also ideal for connecting 2-strings in photovoltaic systems in combination with DS50PV, DS50VGPV and DS60VGPV.

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Max. load current
IL 32 A
On DS range terminal
Housing material
Polycarbonate UL94 V-0
See diagram
Mini-max. cross section
2.5 - 35 mm² (13-2 AWG)
0.042 kg