2-Pole 48 Vdc surge protector

Part Number: 462121
  • 2-pole 48 Vdc surge protector
  • In 15 kA / Imax 30 kA
  • Pluggable module
  • Remote signaling
  • IEC 61643-11 and EN 61643-11 compliance
  • UL1449 ed.4 approved

DS4xS-48DC surge protectors are designed to protect equipment connected to DC power supplies from lightning surges.

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SPD type 1+2
Network 48 Vdc
Nominal line voltage Un 48 Vdc
Nominal DC voltage Un-dc 48 Vdc
Max. DC operating voltage Uc 65 Vdc
Operating current Ic < 0.1 mA
Follow current If None
Nominal discharge current In 15 kA
Max. discharge current Imax 30 kA
Impulse current by pole Iimp 4 kA
Total lightning current Itotal 8 kA
Connection mode(s) +/PE and -/PE
Protection mode(s) Common mode
Protection level Up 300 V
Protection level L/N Up L/N 300 V
Protection level L/PE Up L/PE 300 V
Technology MOV
SPD configuration 2-poles
Connection to Network By screw terminals: 4-25mm²
Format Plug-in modular box
Mounting Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Operating temperature Tu -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP20
Outdoor application No
Failsafe mode Disconnection from DC network
Disconnection indicator 2 mechanical indicators
Spare module(s) DSM40-48DC
Remote signaling of disconnection Output on changeover contact
Dimensions See diagram
Weight 0.177 kg
Standards compliance IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 ed.4
Certification UL / EAC
Thermal disconnector Internal
Fuses Fuses type gG - 50 A