2-electrode GDT

BASQ CMS (T&R) 90/20
Part Number: 929950101
  • The smallest 2-electrode GDT
  • No radioactive
  • Used in connector blocks and adapted holders
  • SMD compatible
  • Version lead termination available (BA S)
  • Available in Tape&Reel packaging

BA are bipolar 'ceramic' technology gas discharge tube intended for the protection of transmission access to telecommunications or IT equipment, against transient overvoltages due in particular to lightning. The reduced size of the BA allows its installation in volumes hitherto inaccessible to gas spark gaps. Versions for surface mounting (ref. BA CMS) or on circuit (output by wires: ref. BAS) are also available. The products are also available in 'Tape & Reel' packaging.

DC sparkover voltage (100V/s)
72-108 V
DC spark voltage tolerance
+/- 20%
Maximum impulse sparkover voltage (1kV/µs)
<700 V
Nominal discharge current
10 x 8/20µs impulses
In 5 kA
Impulse discharge current
10/350µs - 1 time
1 kA
Max. capacitance
C <0.3 pF
Insulation resistance
IR ≥10 GOhms
Arc Voltage
≤ 25 V
Glow voltage
≤ 100 V
AC discharge current (50Hz)
5 A
DC Holdover voltage
R = 300 ohms in serie R = 150 ohms; 100nF en parrallel
≥ 80 V
Impulse life
300 times, interval 2 min
30 A
Gas discharge tube
GDT configuration
Surface Mounting Device
Operating and storage temperature
-40°C / +90°C
Tape&Reel Version
Standard version
See diagram
0.72 g
Standards compliance
ITU-T K12 rec.
RohS compliance