2-electrode GDT

BHSQ CMS 1000/20
Part Number: 9299833
BHSQ CMS 1000/20
  • 2-electrode GDT
  • No radioactive
  • Surface mounting device
  • Version "Square SMD" (anti-rolling)
  • In compliance with international standards

These high voltage gas tubes have been designed by CITEL on non-radioactive ceramic technology. They provide a especially high or very sparkover voltages: this allows a use on special appications as trigger circuit for discharge lamps. This serie is available in standard version without lead (BH type) or with axial leads (BHS type).

DC sparkover voltage (100V/s)
800-1200 V
DC spark voltage tolerance
+/- 20%
Maximum impulse sparkover voltage (1kV/µs)
Nominal discharge current
10 x 8/20µs impulses
In 10 kA
Total Maximum discharge current
max. total withstand @ 8/20 µs
Imax Total 25 kA
Impulse discharge current
10/350µs - 1 time
2 kA
Max. capacitance
C <0.8 pF
Insulation resistance
IR ≥10 GOhms
Arc Voltage
≤ 30 V
Glow voltage
≤ 160 V
AC discharge current (50Hz)
10 A
DC Holdover voltage
R = 300 ohms in serie R = 150 ohms; 100nF en parrallel
>80 V
Gas discharge tube
Surface Mounting Device
Operating and storage temperature
-40°C / +90°C
See diagram
1.22 g
Standards compliance
ITU-T K12 rec.
RohS compliance