Corporate Presentation

Corporate presentation
Your expert for lightning and surge protection. CITEL has been protecting installations all over the world since 1937.

New version of the standards DIN VDE 0100-534 and -443

DIN VDE 0100-443 and -534 regulate the necessity and application of overvoltage protection measures in low-voltage power supplies up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC and have been extensively revised. The application start of both standards is 01.10.2016. In both standards important changes compared to the previous versions have come into force, about which we would like to inform you.

New SPD generation

DAC - DDC range
The new generation of surge protection devices from CITEL:

  • Further development of internal components
  • Increased housing robustness
  • Innovative design
  • 5 years warranty on the new generation products

CITEL VG-Technology

CITEL has developed VG technology to meet the increasing demands placed on protective measures on the basis of many years of research and expertise. With its unique functional principle, VGTechnology meets all the requirements that modern lightning and surge technologies should meet.

ZPAC - Combined arrester for busbar-systems

The innovative combined arrester type 1+2+3 in 'VG Technology' from CITEL for mounting on 40mm busbar systems. Perfect design, smart technology and easy installation - the ZPAC series from CITEL combines many advantages in one device for the optimum security of your energy supply. Available in two versions with a lightning impulse current (Iimp) of 12.5 kA per pole (ZPAC1-13VG-31-275) and 8 kA per pole (ZPAC1-8VG-31-275) and conforming to DIN VDE 0100-443 / DIN VDE 0100-534 and VDE-AR-N 4100, the combined arresters of the ZPAC series represent the state of the art.

Surge protection for LED lighting systems

In order for the numerous advantages of the luminaires to pay off, it is essential to protect the sensitive control electronics and the LEDs from overvoltages. Lightning strikes, switching operations in the power supply network or in the electrical system can cause enormous damage within seconds.

Standardized surge protection for modern LED street lighting

Technical article modern LED street lighting.

Surge protection for photovoltaic systems

Due to the constantly growing share of photovoltaic systems for energy generation in Germany, the question of plant and yield reliability is becoming more and more important. CITEL Electronics supports its customers in planning and implementation in order to ensure sufficient protection of photovoltaic systems.

Surge protection for IoT network technologies

Only a permanent and 100 percent availability of the IoT application allows us to benefit from the many advantages of the IoT. It's not just about the security of sensors, machines and other devices, it's also about the security and permanent availability of IoT network technologies - only if the communication networks through which IoT applications and systems communicate with each other are protected can the Internet of Things work and let us take advantage of the benefits it promises us.

Surge protection for e-mobility

Electromobility will undoubtedly be one of the markets of the future. Charging station instead of filling station ... the growing need of people for ecologically meaningful and sustainable technologies will change the future of passenger and freight transport. Hand in hand with the expansion of the infrastructure is the demand for unrestricted availability and safety.

Surge protection for industrial sites

The equipment used in your manufacturing facilities are very sensitive and vulnerable to lightning and switching surges. If these systems are damaged by a transient, then the entire protection strategy could be compromise : surge protection is highly recommended.The cost of fully surge protecting an industrial plant is limited and provides peace of mind that your system will be operational when you need it most.

Surge protection for wind turbines

However, the constant expansion of facilities and the complexity of technology require not only a higher level of understanding, but above all a higher level of protection. CITEL offers intelligent concepts for the lighting of wind turbines and innovative components for the comprehensive protection of wind turbines against lightning and overvoltage damage.

Surge protection for Ethernet networks

The networks are particularly endangered by overvoltages which can have a direct effect on the data lines. To prevent any damage from occurring in the first place and to ensure the performance of data networks, Citel offers an ideally matched protection concept for Ethernet networks.

Surge protection for telecommunications

The relevance of telecommunication lines is especially important in industrial plants due to their connection with complex technical devices. However, exchange via computer or mobile device is only guaranteed if the connecting lines can be protected from external damage.

Surge protection for mobile phone systems

Mobile radio sites are primarily exposed to damage from lightning or overvoltage, which endangers the power supply and thus the availability. CITEL Electronics supports its customers right from the planning stage of the network infrastructure in order to ensure sufficient protection of the radio transmission technology.

Surge protection for railway technology

The basis for reliable and safe railway operation depends to a large extent on the protection of electronic equipment. Due to the kilometre-wide distribution of buildings and warehouses and the use of modern control and regulation technologies, hazards due to lightning strikes or overvoltages are particularly high sources of risk.

Surge protection for safety technology

Whether outdoor cameras, security lighting or alarm systems - the technical equipment leaves nothing to be desired in its diversity. In order to guarantee the security of your security technology, CITEL offers you the ideal protection for every security measure with a product range of over 2,000 articles.

Surge protection for lift systems

As a reliable partner in the field of lightning and surge protection, CITEL recognized the need for a comprehensive protection concept for elevators at an early stage and reacted accordingly. The result is a selected product range with various application possibilities that convinces through innovation and reliability on the basis of decades of research and expertise.

Surge protection for sports facilities

Sports facilities and their associated buildings are regarded as structural facilities in the sense of the building regulations and must fulfil prescribed requirements with regard to necessary lightning protection systems. These requirements are primarily aimed at protecting the safety and health of all persons present.

Surge protection for golf courses

The scattered trees or groups of trees, the freestanding metal flagpoles and even the golf clubs used make golf courses one of the most unsuitable places for thunderstorms. CITEL's products have been providing reliable protection against lightning and surges for over 75 years to protect infrastructure, courses and all people present.

Surge protection for petrol stations

Again this year, lightning and surges have caused damage in the millions. One of the basic prerequisites for protection against direct lightning effects at filling stations is the installation of a professional external lightning protection system with consistent equipotential bonding and additional surge protection.

Surge protection for churches

Churches need to be protected in a way that is appropriate to their construction, because naves and steeples must be protected differently and must be adequately equipped according to their height or cultural value. As an innovative and experienced service provider in the field of lightning and surge protection, CITEL has set itself the task of providing information on protective measures and responding with a diverse and reliable product range.