The new CITEL DACN10 series for AC networks

Our goal is to continuously develop and optimise our products together with lightning and surge protection professionals from the electrical industry. Suggestions and requests are immediately passed on by the technical advisors on the market to the responsible product managers.

A good example of this cooperation is the new DACN10 series, which replaces the previous DS98 series.

The new range is designed for use in AC networks and has a width of 1 HP. The design of the type 2 and 3 combination arrester is a compact monoblock construction.
The range currently consists of 11 products designed for different applications. All products comply with EN 61643-11 and IEC 61643-11 and have an LED as an operating indicator. Remote signalling is standard on all S versions.

The range of applications is extremely versatile due to its adaptability, e.g. in traffic engineering, solar installations, LED lighting and distribution construction.

The new range fits seamlessly into CITEL's large innovative range and provides more safety in lightning and surge protection.

Innovative, practical and standard-compliant

The changes at a glance:
  • Improved screw cage terminals for conductor up to 10 mm².

  • Easier installation due to self-explanatory labelling on the products.

  • Increase of load current from
    16 A to 25 A.

  • Optical upgrading and adaptation to the DAC series.