Reliable protection of VDSL2, VDSL, DSL, ISDN and analogue terminals

A stable internet connection has become even more important in recent times. Whether streaming or private and professional video conferencing from home - a failure of the Internet connection has a significant impact on our usual everyday life.

With the new CL-DSL, CITEL offers reliable protection of this important facility against the effects of transient surges and lightning events.
Optimised for the latest transmission technology such as VDSL2 with (Super )Vectoring and VoIP, the CL-DSL offers all the technical prerequisites for the best possible protection of the connected end devices. During the development of this protective device, special emphasis was placed on optimised frequency behaviour with the highest possible cut-off frequency fg and simultaneously low insertion loss in order not to reduce the high transmission rates of modern DSL technology.

Highlights des CL-DSL:

- Surge protection for telecommunication applications

- Protection of (super-)vectoring VDSL2, VDSL, DSL, ISDN and analogue terminals

- Extended frequency range up to 400 MHz

- Surface mounting

CITEL thus remains true to its principle - "Innovative surge protection" - and supplements this with sensible service measures.