NEWS : CITEL innovations and practical applications for the electrical industry

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In the first newsletter of the new year, we report on the following topics:

  • Series P8AX-6G for the protection of high frequency technology
  • Renewable energies on the rise
  • Webinar for AC surge protection

Furthermore, we have expanded our range of video films to include the topic of renewable energies. If you have any suggestions, we would be pleased to hear from you. Mail

CITEL P8AX-6G Series - Protection of High Frequency Applications

The number and applications in high-frequency technology, such as mobile radio, IOT and WLAN, are constantly increasing. Uninterrupted and safe operation is the basic requirement for extensive communication from many locations. With the P8AX series, CITEL has developed an all-rounder, so to speak, for protection against lightning and overvoltage. The protection components are produced in the company's own factory. In terms of applications, the focus is on mobile communications (GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G), the Internet of Things (LPWAN transmission networks such as LoRa-WAN/Sigfox/NB-IOT) and data transmission (WLAN/WiFi HotSpots).

The protection components of the P8AX series are special gas arresters which, due to a very low inherent capacitance, are the only components that can be used to protect against lightning currents and overvoltage when transmitting high-frequency signals. In the coaxial surge arresters, the gas arrester is connected between the inner conductors and earth.

The products feature low signal loss, a waterproof housing (IP65) and bidirectional protection.

You can find more information here.

Renewable energies on the rise

Due to climate change and the increasingly risky dependence on fossil energy sources, renewable energies are more and more in demand for sustainable power supply.

Examples are:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind Turbines
  • Energy Storage Systems

The advantages such as cost savings, independence and environmental friendliness are obvious. CITEL has developed and adapted lightning and surge products for these markets from the very beginning. As a result, a large, technically mature product range is available today. In PV, it ranges from high-performance arresters with patented VG technology and a 10-year guarantee to SPDs based on MOV technology, and all this at an outstanding price/performance ratio.

In addition to the large product range, CITEL offers a whole series of practical application brochures with examples, webinars and various video films to illustrate complex applications.

Only if a plant for regenerative power generation functions safely and without interruption can economic operation be guaranteed.

Webinar - Tips and tricks from practice

In order to support you even more comprehensively in the planning and subsequent implementation of surge protection, we have prepared a series of seminars for you with tried-and-tested solutions to questions frequently asked of us.

In a first online seminar of about 60 minutes, various examples show the wealth of variants in the implementation of surge protection that complies with standards and is nevertheless economically feasible. In addition to numerous tips and tricks, we will also look at the alternatives that are possible on the hardware side. This seminar is aimed at applications in the AC environment in the private, commercial and industrial sectors. New innovative solutions such as partial lightning current detection with analysis function provide ideas for future implementations.

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