eMobility in the focus of surge protection

At the end of October, CITEL Germany will continue its webinar series on the topic of lightning and surge protection. The focus of this one-hour online seminar is the protection of charging facilities in the field of electromobility. There are a number of aspects to consider when setting up charging points, both privately and commercially.

The regulations accompany us on the way to illustrating the necessity and usefulness of a solidly planned lightning and surge protection. Using practical examples, we discuss the standard-compliant selection of suitable SPDs and provide tips for installation. Wallbox or pedestal, indoor or outdoor, with a customised surge protection solution, you and your e-car are safely protected from atmospheric disturbances and mains surges.

Stay relaxed when the next thunderstorm is approaching, the overvoltage associated with lightning couples into the network or a switching operation causes a transient. You too can take precautions and accompany us on the path to comprehensive protection for your application.

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Surge protection for eMobility