PV-DC-Junction box

Part Number 156624
  • Junction box for 1 MPP-Tracker / 1 String
  • Surge protection integrated
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Connection cables pre-assembled with MC4 connectors

With the new CiPlug2-XS-MC4 series, CITEL offers a solution to protect the direct current (DC) side of small and medium-sized photovoltaic (PV) systems with 2-MPPT and system voltages (Ucpv) up to 1200 Vdc against the effects of lightning and overvoltage pulses. With its small dimensions, the CiPlug2-XS-MC4 is ideal for rooftop systems in the residential building sector. The CiPlug2-XS-MC4 are equipped with MC4 plugs that are attached to the base of the housing, making installation particularly quick and easy. Depending on the configuration, the CiPlug2-XS-MC4 are optimized for PV systems on buildings of lightning protection class III/IV with ≥ 4 down conductors according to Table 2, VDE 0185-305 Supplement 5, Fpr TS 50539-12 : 2013 and ground-mounted PV systems.

SPD type
PV network 1000 Vdc
Nominal DC voltage
Un-dc 1000 Vdc
Rated insulation voltage
Ui 1000 Vdc
Rated current
InA 20 A
Rated string current
InC 20 A
Housing material
UV and ozone resistant, glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate
See diagram
Input / per MPPT
MC4 plug (attached to the housing base)
Output / per MPPT
MC4 plug (attached to the housing base)
Ground connection terminal
Screw terminal 2.5-25mm² (35mm²)
Cable gland
Metric / 1x M24 (Ø 6-12mm) PE
Housing material
UV and ozone resistant, fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate with semi-transparent cover
WxHxD (mm): 254 x 180 x 111
Ambient temperatures
Indoor: -5°C to max. +40°C (+35°C 24h average) / Outdoor: -25°C to max. +40°C (+35°C 24h average)
Indoor: max. 50% at +40°C, max. 90% at 20°C (non-condensing) / Outdoor: 95% for a short time at +25°C (non-condensing)
Protection rating
IP 65
Protection class
Class II
Impact resistance
IK 8
Pressure compensation element
Standards compliance
DIN EN 50539-11 / DIN EN IEC 61439-2