Junction boxes

Part Number: 159142
  • Universal small housing for individual cable entry with consideration of practical cross-sections
  • Internal terminal design allows spur or V-wiring (series)
  • Suitable for TNS-TT mains types
  • Integrated DAC50VGS-31-275
  • Type 2+3 combined arrester based on a gas-filled spark gap
  • Discharge capacity per pole: In=20kA (8/20μs); Imax=50kA (8/20μs)
  • Pluggable protection modules
  • Remote signalling as standard

SPD type 2+3
Nominal line voltage Un 230/400 Vac
Max. AC operating voltage Uc 275 Vac
Max. load current IL bis 76 A (Verlegeart beachten)
Surge protection device DAC50VGS-31-275** (internally pre-wired)
Nominal frequency fn 0-100 Hz
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Protection rating IP65
Dimensions See diagram - 3 TE (EN43880)
Entrance Screw terminals max. 16mm² (re or rm)
Outgoing Screw terminals max. 16mm² (re or rm)
Earth connection terminal Screw terminal max. 16mm² (re or rm)
Ambient temperature -25°C bis +40°C / 24h up to max. 35°C
Cable gland Double diaphragm connector Cable glands* M16 / M20 / M25 / M32 / M40 / M50
Humidity Relative humidity (25°C) 5% to 95% / Max. relative air humidity (40°C) 50%.
Shock resistance IK 08
Standards compliance IEC 61643-11