The DAC40CS and DAC15CS Series

Compact surge protection from CITEL

CITEL's DAC40CS and DAC15CS series are extremely compact type 2 (DAC40CS) and type 3 (DAC15CS) surge arresters, equipped with plug-in protection modules, for use in AC power supplies. As usual, the naming is based on the level of the maximum leakage current Imax, (40 kA or 15 kA) and their configuration (single-phase or three-phase).

DC40CS Series

The DAC40CS are available in single-phase and three-phase configurations for TN/TT network types, have a rated leakage current (In) of 20 kA per pole and a maximum leakage current (Imax) of 40 kA per pole, as well as a very low protection level (depending on the rated voltage). The DAC40CS series devices replace the existing DS240S and DS440S series. The usual place of application is main or sub-distribution boards.

DC15CS Series

To meet the requirements of an overvoltage concept CITEL has developed the single and three phase type 3 arresters of the DAC15CS series. They are installed as secondary arresters close to the applications to be protected in sub-distribution boards or similar and have a rated leakage surge current (In) of 15 kA per pole and a maximum leakage surge current (Imax) of 30 kA per pole. The DAC15CS replace the existing DS215S and DS415S series and are available for all common line voltages.

The main advantage of these series is that they can be used wherever space is limited, with only a maximum of 1 pitch unit (2+0 or 1+1 circuit) or 2 pitch units (4+0 or 3+1 circuit) in width.

The DAC40CS and DAC15CS series surge protectors comply with IEC 61643-11/EN 61643-11 and UL1449 ed.4 standards and are CB approved and have received KEMA certification.

Features and advantages

  • Pluggable compact surge protection devices of type 2 or type 3 for use in the LV or close to the equipment in the sub-distribution board
  • Extremely compact dimensions especially for installation where space is limited
  • Improved reliability is achieved by a protective circuit consisting of high-energy varistors equipped with a thermal disconnecting device
  • With remote signaling
  • Available in two versions with different rated leakage current capacity (40 kA DAC40CS - 15 kA DAC15CS)
  • Single or multi-pole version for all common mains voltages for the protection of AC power supplies

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