PV-DC-Junction box

Part Number: 158551
  • Junction box for 1 MPP-Tracker / 1 String
  • Surge protection integrated
  • Protection rating IP65
  • Connection cables pre-assembled with MC4 connectors

With the new CiPlug string box, CITEL is providing a solution to protect the DC side of small and medium-sized Photovoltaic (PV) systems against the effects of surges and overvoltages. With its small dimensions, the CiPlug is ideal for rooftop installations in the residential building sector. The CiPlug includes pre-assembled pv-cables equipped with MC4 plugs, which enables a very fast and easy installation. With its maximum system voltage (Ucpv) of 1200 Vdc, it is applicable for any common configuration and reliably protects the MPP tracker of the inverter. Depending on the configuration, the CiPlug meets the normative requirements for all types of buildings with or without external lightning protection system up to lightning protection class I (Iimp = 12.5 kA / pole (10/350)).

SPD type 1+2
Network PV network 1000 Vdc
Nominal DC voltage Un-dc 1000 Vdc
Max. PV operating voltage Ucpv 1200 Vdc
Rated insulation voltage Ui 1000 Vdc
Rated current InA 20 A
Rated string current InC 20 A
Input / per MPPT MC4 plug 1x 6mm² with 15cm connection cable
Output / per MPPT MC4-Stecker 1x 6mm² mit 120cm Anschlussleitung
Ground connection terminal Screw terminal 2.5-25mm² (35mm²)
Cable gland Metric / 1x M24 (Ø 6-12mm) PE
Housing material UV and ozone resistant, fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate with semi-transparent cover
Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 125 x 175 x 111
Ambient temperatures Indoor: -5°C to max. +40°C (+35°C 24h average) / Outdoor: -25°C to max. +40°C (+35°C 24h average)
Humidity Indoor: max. 50% at +40°C, max. 90% at 20°C (non-condensing) / Outdoor: 95% for a short time at +25°C (non-condensing)
Protection rating IP 65
Protection class Class II
Impact resistance IK 8
Pressure compensation element Existing
Standards compliance DIN EN 50539-11