Coaxial surge protector

Part Number: 62004
  • Coaxial surge protector
  • DC-500 MHz
  • Imax: 6 kA
  • Bi-directional, series installed

The CXF60-N series universal coaxial surge protector is designed to protect radio systems up to 500 MHz. The CXF60-N series employs a circuity that offers an ultra-sharp clamping that eliminated transients.

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Frequency range f DC-500 MHz
Insertion loss < 0.2 dB
Return loss > 19 dB
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR <1.25:1
Max. load current IL 6 A
Max. discharge current Imax 6 kA
Protection mode(s) Common mode
Protection level Up < 800 V
Max Power 42 W
Max operating voltage MCOV 60 Vdc
Connection to Network Connector N Male/Female
Operating temperature Tu -50°C to +85°C
Protection rating IP65
Weight 0.158 kg
Certification UL listed
RohS compliance Yes