Type 1+2 AC surge protector

Type 1+2 SPD are heavy duty devices designed to be installed at the origin of the AC installation equipped with LPS.

DS250VG-1000 series
Type 1+2+3
for 1000 Vac network
VG Technology
DAC1-13S series
Type 1+2
Iimp 12.5 kA / Imax 50 kA
Pluggable module
Remote signaling
DS500E series
Type 1+2
Iimp 50 kA / Imax 200 kA
Remote signaling
DS1000G series
N/PE surge protector
Type 1
DACN1-25VGS series
Type 1+2+3 - Iimp 25 kA
VG Technology - Monobloc
Remote signaling
DS100EG series
SPD N/PE Type 1
PAC1 Series
AC surge protector
Type 1+2 - Iimp 6.25 kA
PCB Mounting
DS250VG-690 series
Type 1+2+3
For 690 Vac network
VG Technology