AC surge protector for LED Lighting system Class 1

Part Number: 831322
  • UL Type 2CA surge protectors for Led lighting
  • Very compact,
  • Plate mounting
  • Screw terminal connection,
  • Status indicator,
  • End of life AC Disconnection
  • EN 61643-11 compliance

The MLPC range is a comprehensive series of AC surge protectors dedicated to LED lighting system. The MLPC are very compact to be integrated into luminaires.

SPD type 2 (or 3)
AC system 2W+G (Single Phase)
Nominal line voltage Un 100 V-277 V
Max. discharge current Imax 10 kA
Withstand on Combination waveform IEC 61643-11 Uoc 10 kV
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Disconnection indicator LED green OFF and AC network cut-off
Certification UL Listed / IMQ / TUV